Jamstack London

Give a 20 minute talk

Whether you're an experienced speaker or preparing to grab a microphone for the first time, we'd love to hear from you. And we're eager to support you to help you make a success of your talk.

Talks are 20 minutes long and presented remotely on our conferencing platform. You can share your screen to live code, present a slide deck, or just speak into the camera. Whatever you like.

Get in touch to talk about giving a talk

Grab 90 seconds in the spotlight

Each time we meet we'll make time for some people to grab the microphone for a 90 seconds to tell us something.

Are you building a new product? Have you released a new project that you're proud of? Are you recruiting? Are you looking for contributor to your open source project? Tell us!

Register for a 90 second slot and practice cramming your info into those precious 90 seconds. (Because at 91 seconds, we're moving on!)