Jamstack London

The London Jamstack meetup group

A regular online meetup to talk about Jamstack web development and related topics. Each event includes 2 talks of 20 minutes, a number of 90 second shout-outs, and plenty of time to chat as a group to discuss the talks and all things Jamstack.

Next meeting - September 30, 2021

Headless Wordpress, images, and CDNs

2 more twenty minute talks from people working in web tooling and agency life. Come an hear from Miriam and Alistair, who join us from Israel and Scotland respectively.

Join the pre-game and post-game chatter in the lounge with a chance to ask questions and discuss how you're building the Jamstack. And once again, we'll open the floor for a handful of 90 second spotlights.

September 30 at Jamstack London

Alistair Shepherd, SeriesEight

Image Optimisation for the Jamstack with Image CDNs

September 30 at Jamstack London

Miriam Schwab, Strattic

Jamstack vs. WordPress, or Jamstack AND WordPress?

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